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Hedgehog Pond

Written by Bon Juve Oct 21, 2022 · 5 min read
Hedgehog Pond

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Hedgehog ponds are quickly becoming a popular addition to gardens all over the world. Not only do they provide a safe haven for these adorable creatures, but they also add a unique and beautiful feature to any outdoor space. In this blog post, we’ll dive into why hedgehog ponds are important, how they benefit our ecosystem and the steps involved in creating one.

Many people often misunderstand hedgehogs and their requirements. For example, they assume that they can solely survive on domestic cat food, but cat food alone doesn’t provide enough nutrients for their diet, which can ultimately lead to health problems. Hedgehogs also need a place to drink and bathe and a warm place to hibernate in winter. By installing a hedgehog pond, you’ll be meeting all their needs.

What is the Target of Hedgehog Ponds?

The target of a hedgehog pond is to provide a safe habitat for hedgehogs in a garden setting. Hedgehogs need fresh water to drink and bathe, and the pond’s sloping sides need to allow them to climb out easily. A well-designed hedgehog pond should be shaded in the summer and should have deeper areas suitable for hibernation in the winter months.

Summary of Main Points

Hedgehog ponds provide a safe habitat for hedgehogs and add a unique feature to a garden. Neglecting hedgehogs’ needs, such as providing fresh water, can ultimately lead to health problems. The target of a hedgehog pond is to provide a safe habitat for hedgehogs in a garden setting.

Importance of Hedgehog Ponds

The importance of hedgehog ponds in gardens has grown increasingly over the years as people have become more aware of hedgehogs’ needs. Having a pond in the garden creates a unique ecosystem, attracting other wildlife creatures, contributing to the diversity of a garden.

Personal experience: One summer evening, I was sitting in my garden and saw a hedgehog drinking from the pond. I was overjoyed that my pond was not only providing a relaxing atmosphere but also contributing to the local ecosystem.

Creating a hedgehog pond requires many things, including proper location, size, and materials. In the summer months, one must ensure that the pond is shallow, giving hedgehogs easy access while being cautious of predators. In contrast, during the winter months, the pond must be deep enough for hibernation and providing winter habitat to hedgehogs.

hedgehog pond ladderThere are many benefits to adding a pond in the garden. Not only will it help hedgehogs thrive and provide water for other creatures, but it will also contribute to garden biodiversity.

How to Build a Hedgehog Pond

Personal Experience: When I decided to build a hedgehog pond, I researched the internet for ideas, tips, and techniques to ensure I made a suitable and safe pond for the hedgehogs. I chose a shady location with a low bush but high enough to see if the hedgehogs were in the pond. I used PVC liner to construct the pond. The liner must be placed across the bottom, shallow end, deeper end, and slopes, ensuring it’s well secured to prevent hedgehogs from getting stuck underneath. Then I added rocks to make hiding places for hedgehogs. In terms of size, my pond is 35cm on shallow side and 55cm on the deep side.

hedgehog pond### The Materials You Need to Build a Hedgehog Pond

To make a hedgehog pond, you’ll need a shovel, a spirit level, PVC liner, underlay foam or carpet, coping stones, a length of hose, rocks for decoration, rainwater harvesting system and a hedgehog ramp for easy exit.

The Steps Involved in Creating a Hedgehog Pond

  1. Choose a suitable location for the pond.
  2. Dig a hole in the shape of a pond using the shovel and ensure it is level.
  3. Place the underlay foam or carpet over the ground surface.
  4. Add the PVC liner and trim it down to size. Allow more PVC liner at each end to secure it above the edge.
  5. Place coping stones around the edges of the pond to prevent liner rise and give a decorative finish.
  6. Rinse the pond liner and fill with rainwater. Add rocks for hiding places for the hedgehogs.
  7. Add the hedgehog ramp for easy access or exit.

Question and Answer

What is the ideal size of a hedgehog pond?

The ideal size of a hedgehog pond should be 50-100cm across, with gently sloping sides to allow the hedgehogs to climb out of the water easily.

What kind of water should we use in the hedgehog pond?

Rainwater is the ideal water source for hedgehog ponds, as it’s free of chemicals present in tap water. You can collect rainwater using a butt or a water barrel.

How can we keep the pond clean?

The pond’s beauty is that it’s self-sustaining. It will attract other wildlife creatures like frogs that will eat any excess insects and algae to stop overgrowth.

How to make a hedgehog ramp?

Hedgehog ramps are easy to make and can be built using a pond ramp or rocks and branches, ensuring they provide easy exit points leading into safe space around the pond.

Conclusion of Hedgehog Pond

Hedgehog ponds aren’t just a beautiful addition to a garden but an important habitat for the small and adorable creatures we love. Providing hedgehogs with a safe place to drink and bathe is a crucial step in preserving their species in urban settings, contributing to the environment’s biodiversity.

Db370e9596b6b6de562ab59aefc9d9af (1333×2000) | Animale Domestico

db370e9596b6b6de562ab59aefc9d9af (1333×2000) | Animale domestico
Photo Credit by: / animali modernsurvivalliving carini

Hedgehog-pond | MandyCanUDigIt

hedgehog-pond | MandyCanUDigIt
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Photo Credit by: / hedgehog wild pond garden wildlife herisson hogs eaden ru credit

Thirsty Hedgehogs In Jean Nichols’ Garden In Oxfordshire | Ponds For

Thirsty hedgehogs in Jean Nichols’ garden in Oxfordshire | Ponds for
Photo Credit by: / ponds water hedgehogs backyard sloping moles rid hedgehogstreet club

Hedgehog Pond Ladder | Garden Pond Design, Garden Landscaping Diy

Hedgehog pond ladder | Garden pond design, Garden landscaping diy
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